Our Work

MIND UK’s main areas of focus are: adaptation of the successful MIND approach and models for programme implementation among diaspora communities in the UK, advocacy for development led by MIND and fund raising for MIND programmes in Malawi.

MIND  developed working partnerships with the Scottish government, Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO), the Diaspora Volunteering Alliance (an alliance of 14 Diaspora Volunteering Organisations in the UK linked with VSO), the Scotland-Malawi Partnership (SMP) and the Malawi government.

Needs Assessment was done in Malawi; a skills audit was carried out amongst Malawians living in the UK. The research confirmed not only that there is a huge and wide range of available expertise, but also willingness amongst Malawians to return to Malawi to undertake various tasks on a voluntary basis. The research was funded by DFID and supported by VSO.

MIND is centred on skills transfer. MIND facilitates the involvement of those Malawians interested in helping in the socio-economic development of their country of heritage to undertake short term assignments in Malawi on a voluntary basis.

MIND Diaspora volunteers worked in partnership with the Ministry of Health, Malawi College of Health Sciences, Kamuzu Central Hospital, Bwaila Hospital and Kamuzu College of Nursing on issues of training and delivery of good quality health services.

The professional skills of the volunteers included

  • A motor vehicle engineer/lecturer at a UK academic institution who worked at Lilongwe Technical College.
  • A registered Mental Health Nurse who was attached to the Ministry of Health
  • A registered Nurse and Ergonomist attached to the Ministry of Health
  • A Health economist worked at College of Health Sciences
  • A registered Nurse and Senior Health Manager who volunteered at Kamuzu College of Nursing
  • A registered Nurse and Health Specialist who worked at KCN
  • A curriculum development specialist who worked at TEVETA
  • A Barrister and MBA holder who worked with staff members at College of Health Sciences
  • An HIV advocate who worked with the Ministry of Health.

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