About MIND

Malawian Initiative for National Development (MIND) is a Scottish charity Registration No: SC040751. MIND is an international development organisation founded by Malawians in Scotland in 2007 and launched in 2008.


Transformed and developed Malawi.


MIND's mission is to formalize and coordinate volunteering efforts of UK-based Diaspora Malawians and use such initiatives to support the Malawi government's socio-economic development efforts aligning with the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS).

Aims of MIND

Strategic areas of MIND


MIND will raise funds to support Professional volunteers in the UK to provide support to identified Health institutions in Malawi. Volunteers will be both Malawi Health professional in the UK, and UK Health professional.



MIND will support Educational institutions in Malawi through sending Volunteer Teachers to develop and enhance the capacity of teachers in Malawi.

MIND will support schools in both rural and peri-urban areas to set-up/build Learning Resource centres, stock resource centres with educational books and computers where possible to enhance learning by pupils.

Economic Development

MIND will support skills development by school leavers and school Drop-outs, Boys and Girls with disabilities who are unemployed looking for employable skills.

Environment development

Work with Universities in Scotland (Strathclyde; University of West Scotland) to support solar energy in schools in Malawi

Capacity building

to train District environmental sub-committees and the Youth to carry out environmental supervision to comply to environmental standards and Environmental awareness campaigns to conserve the environment

MIND will work through partners in Malawi to monitor environmental screenings in Malawi.

Livelihood security

MIND will enhance community livelihoods by supporting provision of tools and equipment to improve and increase production.

MIND will engage the Youth in Malawi in community service in various sectors as a resource to food and economic development in Malawi.


MIND will support various sectors in good governance through capacity building of partners and ministries to support management of projects financed through MIND.


Tourism and trade

MIND will promote tourism and trade in UK and across nations to contribute to build Malawi’s economy.


MIND will implement projects in these areas through partnerships with government, NGOs and CBOs that will be based on shared values, vision and Ideas.

Core values


Malawi Diaspora in UK, local communities and stakeholders should feel empowered to contribute freely and get involved in identifying needs and implementing the M&E process as much as possible.


We will exercise stewardship of resources from thousands of supporters and donors through transparent programme management and reporting.


We critically analyse and learn from implementation processes and evaluation reports from our programmes and will always be willing to adapt and improve our methods as necessary.


We believe in value for money and will therefore maintaining low costs, ensuring that funds can be used to maximum effect. We will find creative and innovative approaches and tools to maximise output.

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